Gary Racan & the studio e band

Gary Racan  has been singing since he was a teenager and his 4 octave range voice still mesmorizes audiences! He spent 16 years of his career fronting the international recording group The Vogues.  He departed them in 1999 and is proud of producing one of the top private event bands in the country, the studio e band!  Gary is enjoying much success in presenting live music nationally and his studio e band is known as one of the top private event bands in the country. A 14 piece band with a buffet of vocalists who bring their fabulous voices to a line up of musicians that includes a horn section, guitar, keys, bass & percussion- and when they perform your favorite song, they sound like the record! Gary & studio e band has performed for many celebrity events but Gary stresses- EVERY client gets celebrity treatment!

Kim's role with the band is adding background vocals when needed and she says: " I am the least talented, most important person in the band !" Why? " I work closely with each client, gathering the songs that they love and incorporating that music into their script for their party! I explain to clients that the band is like the bar at their party- you make sure that you don't just serve the drinks you love- you have to have a variety of drinks and that is what we do....we make sure we provide their fav songs while also presenting decades of top music to their guests! I am a detail person and I find that my clients are too- and they love the concierge service we provide!"

Gary Racan - Producer & lead vocals

Kim Racan - Manager/vocalist

Stephanie Ramos - vocalist

Xavier Brown - Vocalist

Joseph Fedore - Vocalist

Karl Bailey - Vocalist, Guitar, Piano

Craig Davis - Musical Conductor & Keyboards

Pierce Cook - Bassist

Tony Cortese - Drummer

Shaun Bell - Trumpet

Bill Holt - Saxophone

Herbert Hill - Trombone

Stacy Gray - Guitar

Jim "JD" Davis - Percussionist

Matt Klump - Keyboard/Piano