The Maecenas Gala Honors Gov. Tom Corbett and his wife Susan

The Orient Express took off on time as Gov. Tom Corbett and his wife Susan were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Pittsburgh Opera during the XXVIII Maecenas Gala, which took the Orient Express as its theme.  After dinner it was time for Gary Racan and the studio-e Band, who know better than anyone how to pack a dance floor...

                                                                                                                            - Marylynn Uricchio / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

JDRF's Rainbow Ball Brings Out The Crowd

Absolutely. Amazing. It was hard to tell which aspect of JDRF's Rainbow Ball could take the most credit for seeing to it that Saturday's black-tie blow-out brought every standard operating procedure down to its knees in favor of an unforgettable evening from start to finish.

Where to begin? Bonnie Walker of Bonnie Walker Events waved her creative wand across the ballroom of the Westin in collaboration with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to transform the space into a jaw-dropping ambiance befitting of JDRF's 20th anniversary.

And leave it to Gary Racan and the studio-e band to officially kick things into high gear, literally rocking the shoes off of a dozen or so revelers who were bare footed on the dance floor before dinner had even been served for the likes...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Tribb Live

The Cinderella Ball Introduces 21 Debs to Society

After a sumptuous dinner perfectly executed by the attentive wait staff, tables cleared out in a flash as Gary Racan and the studio-e band kept the dance floor at capacity until the stroke of midnight...

                                                                                          - Marylynn Uricchio / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

LHAS How Sweet It Is!

Oh what a night! With smashing philanthropist Athena Sarris (bedecked in enough bling-bling to light up the Cultural District) and her family as top honorees, it was a sure bet that the Ladies Hospital Aid Society’s luscious soiree would be dipped in chocolate! 

A-list pied pipers, Gary Racan and his sizzling studio e band, blew open the ballroom doors and had the crowd dancing their slippers off all night long... 

                                                                                                                                                                      - Ladies Hospital Aid Society

The Perfect Gift

The Fairmont saw its share of bold names making their way into the ballroom on Saturday as more than 300 guests were lured into position by the musical hypnosis of Gary Racan and the studio-e band.  The Gifting Gala raised a record-breaking $150K. Proceeds will benefit the Family Assistance Program, which ensures that patients awaiting treatment, and their families, have a comfortable and affordable place to stay...                                                                                                                                                                     - Kate Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

SEEN: 10 Best Parties of 2011

Point Park University "The Playhouse Rocks Starmakers"

The 75-year history of the Pittsburgh Playhouse was celebrated during the benefit for Point Park University's Conservatory of Performing Arts. More than 400 guests turned out for the gala at Stage AE, which featured Gary Racan and the studio e Band and terrific performances by the conservatory students. Honored were Richard Rauh and actress Shirley Jones, who called the Pittsburgh Playhouse "my alma mater of 60 years...

                                                                      - Marylynn Uricchio and Patricia Sheridan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette