Kimberly Racan...
I love my business and I love my clients!
studio e is a company that I am proud to own with Bonnie Walker. We work closely with our clients and make sure that we use the best entertainer or band for their party, wedding or event. We work very hard to make sure that every detail of every party or event is taken care of. We have a spotless reputation in our industry and will always continue that tradition! Fortunately, our library of entertainers all have the same work ethic so they make us look good also!  We represent only the best- our clients expect that from us. Our bands are produced and polished. They know how to run an event so that the night is seamless and bursting with energy from beginning to end. We stand alone from other entertainment companies - we are a referral only company and every event/client chooses us because they want their party to be the talk of town...not just another event! We also have close relationships with many national acts and their management. We can give our clients great pricing when they want to book thier favorite act.

Bonnie Walker...
Ditto Kim's words! We are a great team and we love what we do! I have been an event planner for 30 years, having brought the industry to Pittsburgh from Washington, DC.  Ten years ago I decided to start an entertainment company so that I could share my bands and entertainers with clients who didn't necessarily need an event planner. At that time, I met Kim and our worlds were combined. We both possess a passion for our work and are driven to stay the best! We rise above other companies not only because of our knowledge of the industry and always remaining current and ahead of trends but also that we always expect and give the best! I also have an office in NY – the heart of where new trends begin! Please visit:

The fulcrum of studio e is our Gary Racan & the studio e band. A true variety band led by Gary and a line up of members who have their own tremendous bio's! They leave a mark in every city they perform in...people have never seen a  band like this group before! It is the same cast every time- not pick up musicians reading music from a chart. They produce every party for the client...YOU tell them songs you love...THEY script them into a night of music that will leave a memory in every guest forever! Every party they perform at is THE PARTY OF THE YEAR!

Kimberly Racan:
"I was thrilled to be Production Manager of Entertainment for this very special and very well known couple!!! (John Legend- YOU ROCK!)"


Bonnie Walker:
"and I was fortunate (thrilled!) to be the Planner for this wedding!"